All of our fire door inspectors hold the FDIS (Dip) diploma by qualification, which is part of our quality management system (QMS).

All our fire door inspectors are, highly experienced, in both operational and fire safety matters, having served with Local Authority Fire Brigades as senior officers. So they not only carry the Diploma qualification, but also possess practical operation experiences from dealing with real fire situations.

Our assessors have received comprehensive training from a highly experienced diploma holder and former senior fire safety officer and who has also experience in practical fire door installations. This training takes place on site throughout a range of simple and complex properties, identifying a range of common issues on installations undertaken by non-competent installers. The syllabus also covers, the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 (RRO) and The Fire Safety Act 2021, including all the guidance documents and codes of practice, current building regulation requirements and information supplied by the British woodworking federation (BWF). With receiving this training and gaining vocational knowledge and practical experience, all our fire door inspectors gain technical and practical competencies, in fire door compliance requirements.

With the knowledge gained during their training, the assessors are able to identify exactly where fire doors are needed, taking into account the buildings fire risk assessment, fire strategy (if available) and emergency fire evacuation plan. This allows the assessor to ensure that there is no ‘over provision’ if quoting for works is required, following the detailed point by point review.

Once completed, the report together with the detailed quotation, is produced for the customer. The report also identifies whether doors require maintenance or replacement, therefore keeping costs down wherever possible.

If Premier Fire Doors are then instructed to carry the work out and following completion, a certificate of conformity is issued, for both the compliance standard of the doors and frames and as importantly the quality of the installation. This also includes photographic evidence of the installation before, during and after, so there is a very detailed audit trail available post installation.