Our service

We offer a comprehensive Fire Door Assessment Service, that meets all current legal requirements. Once the survey of your doors is completed you will receive a detailed door by door report of the findings together with an action plan of how to resolve any issues identified. The format we use when reporting can then be passed to your chosen contractor for pricing.

Competency of our Assessors

All of our fire door inspectors hold the FDIS (Dip) diploma by qualification, which is part of our quality management system (QMS).

All our fire door assessors are, highly trained,  experienced,  and have many years in the industry a number also have experiences brought from their previous employment in the Fire Service as operation and fire safety officers, so they understand fully the benefits and requirements of a well installed fire door. 

Our assessors have received comprehensive training, and have a wealth of knowledge within the fire door industry. Their training includes on site supervision, identifying a range of common issues on installations undertaken by non-competent installers.

The syllabus also covers, the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 (RRO) and The Fire Safety Act 2021, including all guidance documents and codes of practice, building regulation requirements and information supplied by the British woodworking federation (BWF).

With receiving this training and gaining vocational knowledge and practical experience, all our fire door assessors gain technical and practical competencies, in fire door compliance requirements.

With the knowledge gained during their training, the assessors are able to identify exactly where fire doors are needed in a premise and taking into account the buildings 'fire risk assessment', 'fire strategy' (if available) and 'emergency fire evacuation plan'. This allows the assessor to ensure that there is no ‘over provision’.

Once completed, the fire door report identifies whether doors require maintenance or replacement, therefore taking into account the risk against cost on a proportionate basis.

Certification of Installation and Products.

On request Premier are able to provide a quotation via a third party if the customer requires a quotation for any work, the third party is BM Trada certified and full installation and product certification is provided on completion of any work undertaken.

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