Birmingham Joinery
Premier External Plywood Paint Grade 19G (Pattern 10) Glazed FD30 Fire Door
From £820.50
Up to 2135mm x 915mm x 44mm Up to 2440mm x 1220mm x 44mm 1981mm x 838mm x 44mm 2040mm x 826mm x 44mm 2040mm x 926mm x 44mm

Our external fire doors are all solid timber core for strength and security. They come with all four edges lipped with hard wood lipping’s. They can be ordered primed and ready to paint, or fully finish painted in a high gloss or sheen finish in a range of colours to suit your requirements.

We offer external fire door sets with solid chunky frames and in addition you can order the direction of opening and also have the choice of a cill or not.

Weather strips are an option and if the external door is below an external fire escape, we can add combined heat and cold smoke seals either around the edges of the door leaf or on the inside of the frame if you order a door set (door and frame).

The key to a long-lasting external door is to ensure regularly maintenance of the paint coat paying particular attention to the hardwood lipping edges.

External ‘Door Sets’

External door sets have ready cut out hinge slots and can be configured for your choice of fire rated door furniture which makes life easier for the installer and a better all-round job upon completion.