Our white panelled fire doors come configured in either six or four panels, the panels are inset and the visualisation to these doors,  particularly the four panel is Victorian. These can be seen on the website and usually are finished primed ready to paint, or fully painted in a colour of your choice.

We do offer the four and six panel doors in veneer finish with a range of colours such as oak ash beech and walnut.

The quality of these doors is exceptional and they have been handcrafted to provide an excellent finished piece of furniture within your property. These doors only come in standard sizes, so when considering purchasing a panel door it is recommended that the frame as well as the door leaf is replaced as a fire Doorset.

When measuring for these fire door sets, as detailed in our ‘how to measure’  leaflet, consideration should be given to either the overall frame size, or to take measurements of the opening size for the new frame to be installed into.

When measuring to accommodate a standard door size,  in addition to the width of the door, there should be added in millimetres for a single door an  additional 6 mm for the gap between the door and the frame,  plus 64mm for the fire frame,  which is 32 millimetres either side, which will then give the overall frame size required.

So we recommend a total of 70mm addition to the width of the door,  to give the overall frame size.

When measuring for a double set of doors or a door and a panel, an additional 3 mm should be added to the 70 mm for the overall frame size, this is due to the fact that an additional 3 mm between where the two doors meet, or the door and the panel meet is required