Birmingham Joinery
Premier Internal Beech Veneer E30/P Flush Double FD30 Fire Door
From £584.50
1981 x 686mm 1981 x 762mm 1981 x 838mm 2040 x 726mm 2040 x 826mm 2040 x 926mm

All our FD30 and FD60 pair configurations usually come, with or without a variety of side and/or top panels glazed or solid finish to suit your requirements. The glazing can be GWPP wired polished plate, clear or frosted.

Finish options.

Available with the real wood veneer, formica laminate, or a choice of primed and painted colours to suit all tastes. These finished doors can be installed to match the environment they standing in.

Bespoke made to Measure service

We offer a bespoke service, which allows you to order your choice of glazed options and your specific door size, which makes it more convenient if you wish to use existing frames, provided them they meet current fire rating standards.

Pair Styles

1G -25G styles. You will see the coding on all door sites as a ‘G’ style of door, it’s just a way of identifying all the various glazed options, but here at Premier we do even more!

Our best sellers are 8G, 16G, 18G, 19G and 25G, the 19G is a beautiful double set or pairs, of fully glazed doors and they look stunning in any setting whether it’s in a commercial setting or separating rooms in a domestic property.