Our extensive popular glazing configurations, can be selected with the fire-rated Georgian wired glazing (GWPP), fire-rated clear glass and or frosted/obscure, and finish with lippings using similar wood to the main body of the fire door leaf.

Finish options.

Available with the real wood veneer, Formica laminate, or a choice of primed and painted colours to suit all tastes.  These finished doors can be installed to match the environment they are in. We offer a bespoke service, which allows you to order your choice of glazed options and your specific door size, which makes it more convenient if you wish to use existing frames, provided them they meet current fire rating standards.

Our glazed vision panels come in various sizes and shapes from circular to square,  to suit your needs all the styles that can be seen on our website. In addition, bespoke glazed panels can be ordered subject to certificating of their size and location within the door leaf. Our glazed doors are the finest on the web and the amount of configurations of glazed side and top panels is the largest choice around.

The glazing lipping can be at your request flush with the face of the door if this is not requested the lipping will protrude either side of the door by approximately 10 mm. There would be an extra cost for this special request.