Bedroom doors come in a range of styles finishes and colours and can be either flush or panelled, but not usually glazed for obvious reasons. 

All bedroom doors in commercial premises should be a minimum of FD 30 S standard, with an approved self-closing device. In domestic premises there is a relaxation for not to provide self closes on any bedroom doors. 

In premises that adopt a staple policy, the bedroom doors and surrounding walls should be at least an FD 60 S standard door with a hardwood frame.

Finish options.

Available with the real wood veneer, for Michael a minute, or a choice of primed and painted colours to suit all tastes. These finish doors can be installed to match the environment they are standing in.

We offer a bespoke service or made-to-measure, which allows you to water your choice of specific size doors, which makes it more convenient if you wish to use existing frames provided they meet current fire rating standards, however we would highly recommend replacing the frame at the same time as the door leaf has a fire door set, this will ensure you get full BWF British woodworking Federation certifier certification.

Intumescent heat and cold smoke seals.

Upon request we can provide grooving around the edge of the door leaf for the provision of a combined heat and cold smoke seals, usually 15 mm wide and 4 mm deep on any door that is required to provide a minimum of 30 minutes fire resistance. In the case of 60 minute fire rated doors, these will require a 20 mil seal which is also a combined heat and cold smoke seals.