Premier Internal Bespoke Plywood Paint Grade Flush FD30s Fire Door Set 2 (up to Size 2440 x 1220mm)

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Single doors should not be bought to make a pair as they may not match and won't have the seal in the meeting styles.

Product Description

The Internal Plywood Paint Grade Flush FD30s Fire Door Set 2 (up to Size 2440 x 1220mm) provides a natural feel to any setting.

Door and frame come certified as a door set. FD30 Softwood frame. Machined & hung on 3no 102 x 76 x 3mm hinges (allowing 3mm gap top and sides and 10mm undercut). Braced at bottom with MDF. Additional wrapping and fasteners to allow for transport. Includes 15 x 4 Pyroplex smoke seal all round. Not machined for lock. No other ironmongery included but ironmongery can be selected as sent boxed with the door.

The single 30 minute fire door lining with seals is supplied ready routered W15 x D4mm to accommodate heat and smoke seals. Our linings are solid rebated frame sections to suit 44mm doors so there's no need to adjust loose stops on site. No thresholds on Frame door sets only braced.

The ironmongery fire door kit - rim nightlatch, door viewer, letterplate and closer hardware pack (included hinge pads and lock case intumescent pad) is supplied as a door furniture set for your new internal fire door kit.

A cost effective choice to ensure you have all the associated hardware legally required for a fire door.

This fire rated safety pack is available to suit any interior.

This internal fire door kit is supplied complete with:
- Internal Plywood Paint Grade E30/P Flush FD30 Fire Door
- Internal Single Softwood FD30 Fire Door Lining
- 1 x Rim Nightlatch
- 1 x SNP Door Viewer With Cover (Spyhole)
- 1 x Letterplate
- 1 x door closer
- 3 x Grade 13 fire door hinges

If you require additional ironmongery accessories, please contact us before placing your order.

Door set kits are classed as 'bespoke products' and may not be accepted for return.

Deliveries and Lead Times

Standard Fire Door Delivery - £74 for the first door with any additional door £20 each.

Double Doors - £94 for the first double set with any additional set £20 each.

Bespoke orders dispatched usually within 15-18 working days plus 2-3 for shipping. You'll receive notifications by email or text on the latest status of your order.

Fire Door Frames (Single & Double)
Doubles are £45 and then £20 for each additional frame and singles £25 and then £10 for each additional frame.

JB Kind Doors doors 

Stock doors delivered 5 to 7 working days

Ironmongery (Door Handles, Hinges, Brackets etc)
£17 flat rate fee *next working day if ordered before 1pm (kick-plates and engraved push-plates up-to 5 working days)



Can I Cut A Fire Door To Size

There are strict guidelines whereby only 3mm per side of a door and 5mm from the base can be trimmed.

What's the difference between FD30 & FD60 Fire Door?

FD30 offers 30 minute fire protection and is suitable for all domestic situations. FD30’s is available in 44mm thickness. FD60’s offer 60 minute fire protection, these are available in 54mm thickness and are suitable for higher risk premises and some high risk rooms such as boiler rooms or plant rooms etc.

What type of Glazing can I choose?

All glazing provided by us is fire rated and available in the following finishes:

- Georgian Wired Polished Plate (GWPP) – You can see the wire but it is in clear glass.

- Clear CGI Pyroguard (Clear) – Completely clear.

- Obscure/Frosted (Sandblasted finish to one side) – Clear glass made obscure by sandblasting one face.

Can I paint my door?

You are only able to paint or varnish plywood fire doors with any good quality product.

What about certification?

Certification regarding the conformance with BS476 pt 22 is available on request. Many doors will come with their own unique reference sticker affixed to the top. Please do not remove these.

Door Image Guides

Due to some doors being bespoke an original door image is not possible at present, and a design drawing is provided as a guide. We're in the process of updating all our images to resolve this issue, so should you need further guidance we shall do our best to provide a better image were possible