Depending on the size of the boiler room and the boiler is inside will determine whether you require an FD 30 S or an FD60s.

It is unusual to have a glazed fire door onto a boiler room we would strongly recommend that a solid timber core flush door is used in these locations. As a general rule we would also recommend that FD 60 S is provided as the minimum fire resisting standard.

As with all fire doors these must be installed to manufacturers instructions by a competent installer with third-party accreditation either virus or UCAS certified.

With boiler room doors we would strongly recommend that the door and frame are replaced as a fire door set this insures that for certificatingIs provided under the BWF British woodworking Federation certifier scheme and to BS476 part 22. 

If ventilation grills are installed within the door they must be either into intumescent grills, Or whether is sleeping accommodation into Messent grills with smoke operation capability LinkedIn to the buildings fire alarm system. 

Into Messent heat and cold smoke seals.

Upon request we can provide grooving around the edges of the door leaf for the provision of a combined heat and cold smoke seals, usually 15 mm wide and 4 mm deep on any door that is required to provide a minimum of 30 minutes fire resistance. In the case of 60 minute fire rated doors these will require a 20 mm combine heat and cold smoke seals.

Fire door signage.

We can provide a range of signage to suit your needs and usually on boiler room doors the signage is, fire door keep locked FDKL.

Fire door furniture.

All our extensive range of fire door furniture is fire rated and certified to meet current standards, when you select from our store you can be satisfied that the combination of any of our fire door furniture, will complement our fire door leaves and frames. The correct combinations are vital for the fire door to perform correctly and along with the right installation standard by third-party approved installer. This will ensure your installation meets current standards and will protect life and property in the event of fire