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Product Description

Technology meets design in the handy Firechief Micro. Built to protect micro-environments; in a fire situation, the Firechief Micro automatically kicks into action. The rising temperature cause the pressure inside the Micro's glass bulb to increase. The very second the temperature reaches combustion levels, the bulb breaks and activates the system. Instantly, the extinguishing agent is dispersed, suppressing the fire in its early stages within the micro-environment itself, and limiting the potential damage. Backed by a 5-year warranty and with the assurance of no leakage, the environmentally friendly Firechief Micro is available in a choice of two clean agents.

  • Being automatic, the Micro requires no manual action to start firefighting.
  • 5-year warranty and the assurance of no leakage.
  • Installation takes just a minute
  • No power supply required: the Micro uses a mechanical release mechanism to start firefighting.
  • Application specific: from operating temperature to micro-environment and extinguishing agent specific, the Micro meets all requirements.
  • The Micro can be used in virtually any micro-environment - from electrical panels and distribution boards to washing machines and television sets.
  • The perfect mini supression system for homes, offices, cars and factories.
  • 0.39M3 Enclosure Volume