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Get 10% Off Glazed Fire Doors. Shop Now!
Get 10% Off Glazed Fire Doors. Shop Now!
Product Description

This intumescent fire and smoke seal is used to maintain the integrity of fire doors in the event of a fire. The 10mm brown seal contains an intumescent material which expands when subjected to heat to form a seal around the fire door, preventing the fire from spreading. The seal also has a brush fitted to it which provides a permanent smoke barrier as smoke travels faster and further than the fire itself.

  • Resists passage of fire for up to 60 minutes
  • Fully tested to BS476:Part 22 Fire Only and BS476:Part 31:1 cold smoke leakage for the fire and smoke seals
  • Available in white or brown
  • 1050mm length
  • 5 Strips needed for an average single fire door